Ben's Laser Sword

Ben's Laser Sword


Recently, we here at Stars' End have found our love for the character of Ben, the crazy old wizard, re-ignited. And with it, we've decided to jump back into our obsession over his kit, specifically his laser sword. We've done a deep dive into researching all the various versions of this saber, and all the new one's made for the recently released series. One version of this prop that really stood out to us is the belt hanger stunt that showed up at Celebration earlier in the year. This prop bridges the gap between the classic era laser swords and those used in the prequels of the early 2000s. It has a beautiful finish, but with a lot of great weathering to give it depth and character. And if you look closely, you can see it on Ben's belt in the penultimate "Hello There" scene of the series.


So, in order to join in with all the fun, and give something back to the fan community, we've created a 100% accurate model, designed for 3d printing; and we are releasing the model to all of you, free of charge. The parts are designed to be assembled onto a 3/8 rod. Everything is included except two m3 screws for the clamp box and covertec, and a brass or copper rivet for the clamp section.


So, get your printers ready, break out the alcald, alumaluster, or even just a rattlecan, and have fun.

I should mention, Roy of helped with grenade. So, if you use the model, make sure to give him a thank you as well.


And if you'd like to give back something as a thank you for all the work we put into this project, please make a donation to the Ukraine relief effort here by