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Malice Double Bladed Laser Sword Kit

Malice Double Bladed Laser Sword Kit


Most of the time, when you see a prop on screen in a Sci-fi or Fantasy film, even though you're meant to think its tritanium or durasteel, what you're actually looking at is a cast resin piece. And although some prop replicators might choose to idealize their collection, fashioning an aproximation of how the prop was supposed to look, I've always been partial to a prop replica that reproduces what was actually on set, warts and all.  For that reason, I set out to craft the Malice Double Bladed Laser Sword just like a prop used for production. This hilt is constructed on two painted and weathered resin halfs, that are joined together on a 3/8-16 metal rod (not included).  Besides the rod, which can be purchaed from just about any local hardware store for a couple dollars, the kit comes with everything you need to finish off your hilt: Two aluminum end caps, all the steel washers needed for the emitter radiators, a set of o-rings, and staineless steel emitter plug inserts. You will not need to paint or weather this kit, as it already comes pre-painted. However, if you wish to wear it on your belt for cosplay purposed, you'll have to pick up and mount a covertech wheel on the saber body. Once complete, you'll have a laser sword replica that will look like it walked right off the set and into your collection.


My buddy Halliwax has made another fantatic tutorial to help everyone assemble and finish off their kits.  Check it out here.

  • FAQ

    Each purchase comes with a 30 day money back guarentee. If you are unsatifsifed with your purchase, I will exchange the product or refund you money.

    These kits cannot accept electronics.

    The kits are painted resin with metal emitter ends.

    I ship USPS Priority for Domestic Purchases and USPS First Class for Internation Purchased

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