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The Broadsword

The Broadsword


Back in 2015, before we all got to see the Star Wars sequel trilogy, a new prop showed up at Star Wars Celebration. This lightsaber hilt would be our first taste of a new era of Star Wars and our introduction to the character of Kylo Ren.

That version of Kylo's lightsaber was quite unique. It had a bit less polish than the hero prop. It was a bit rougher around the edges. But, it's the version that we at fell in love with, and to our eyes better captures the spirit of the dark successor to Darth Vader.


So, inspired by that experience. We're proud to offer our new Broadsword Laser Sword.

It's a resin stunt prop that captures all the detail of the original at a price that will make adding this to your collection a no-brainer.  The hilt comes fully painted and weathered. The kit will include a brass belt clip, just like the original, as well as the mysterious red wire (which wasn't wire at all, but a British clothing line). The only work you'll have to do is adding the wire and belt clip to the saber, a task that our friend Halliwax (of Halliwax's Basement Builds) has made simple with his fantastic tutorial.


And if you want to learn more about the original prop that inspired us, come check out the discussion over on the RPF


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