DS2V2 Laser Sword Kit

DS2V2 Laser Sword Kit


In the fall of 2017, I embarked on redesigning my v2 laser sword model based on new references that had finally been made public. With the help of friends on the RPF, like Roy of Wannawanga.com, I was able to come up with a design that captures all of the nuance and details of the original. 


That work lead to my 2018 run of V2s and to the subsequent "builder's kit" that followed in 2019 and 2020. These two runs still stand as the most accurate Luke v2 replicas ever produced. And so, I thought I was done with this prop...


However, in 2021, I was contacted by Halliwax--of Halliwax Basement Builds--who asked me to do another run of v2s, since I had recently sold out. I told him then, "I won't do another run unless there are improvements to be made based on new references." To which, he countered with some new references...


The two of us then spent the better part of a year redesigning my v2 builder's kit from the ground up. We went over all the dimensions and details of the CAD model and compared it to every detail that he could see in the references, which he'd studied for the past few years. The result of all that work is the DS2V2, which we present to you here.


Halliwax has done a few great reveal videos which go over all the details of the new kit and show you how amazing it can look when finished off.


The kit is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. It features a hollow construction so that you can add electronics if you like, and the emitter can house a 7/8 blade.
The kit comes with a replica Graflex clamp and a v2 lever. It comes with a replica transcriptor knob, D-ring, and all the screws needed to assemble the kit. And it even includes a vintage boot studd harvested by myself and Halliwax. (Please note that since these are vintage parts the condition of any particular boot stud will vary)


The only thing you'll need to buy to complete the kit is a circuit card from Slothfurnace http://www.slothfurnace.com/
And if you want to paint the hilt to match the current state of the prop, I'd recommend buying a set of stencils from Trooper Trent https://www.etsy.com/listing/1174534339/v2-weathering-stencils?click_key=98fd359b1a5597dafefa0fe78399d6a89343946a%3A1174534339&click_sum=4c12cc50&ref=shop_home_active_3&sts=1

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    These kits have room inside to accept electronics.


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